We are the United Voice of the American Hunter. We will protect our Hunting Lifestyle and its rich Heritage. We will defend all of our Traditional American Values of God, Family, Country, and our Nation’s Constitution.

We will educate hunters, and others, about the value of our hunting heritage. We use our digital Campfire Series to inform hunters of policies that threaten our outdoor way of life.

We work at the state and national level to develop pro-hunting policy and laws. When necessary, we use our Litigation Program to ensure hunting rights are protected and our Traditional Values are not infringed.



Hunter Nation Salutes Reps Tiffany And Boebert For Wolf Delisting Legislation

Hunter Nation, slogan here, is celebrating the efforts of Representatives Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and Tom Tiffany (R-WI) for their wildlife management legislation, H.R. 764, known as, the "Trust The Science Act". The legislation mandates the delisting of the gray wolf from the Endangered Species Act (ESA). This delisting would effectively ...

Hunter Nation Founder – Keith Mark Supports Trust the Science Act

Kansas City - Hunter Nation founder Keith Mark fully supports house bill H.R.764 to require the Secretary of the Interior to reissue regulations removing the gray wolf from the list of endangered and threatened wildlife under the Endangered Species Act of 1973. On behalf of Hunter Nation and our thousands ...

Hunter Nation Founder Offers Support for Crucial Deer Hunting Legislation in North Dakota

Biskark, ND - Hunter Nation founder Keith Mark submitted testimony today in support of a bill being considered by the North Dakota state legislature that would prohibit the state from banning the baiting of deer while hunting. The legislation, authored by state Rep. Paul Thomas, would effectively prevent unelected officials ...

Hunter Nation Calls for New Jersey Black Bear Hunt to be Restored

Kansas City - Hunter Nation, the country's fastest-growing hunting organization dedicated to protecting and defending the rights of hunters in all 50 states, called today for immediate action to restore black bear hunting in the state of New Jersey. The group's call follows a move by the state's Department of ...

North Dakota anti-hunting bait ban

The anti-hunting forces are back at it again! This time, our hunting brothers and sisters in North Dakota need our help. The North Dakota Game and Fish Department has moved to implement a completely over-the-top baiting ban in the state. Under these new restrictions, hunting land located along the Red ...

Jana Waller – The Mountains Are Calling…For Turkeys.

If you're like thousands of other hunters, springtime brings about severe cases of cabin fever and the itch to get into the woods or mountains becomes critical. If you're thinking about exploring some other states for a fun turkey hunt look no further than the Big Sky Country. Montana is ...

Cuz Strickland from Mossy Oak Q&A on Turkey Hunting

When do you start scouting for turkey season? Turkeys often move between fall and spring so don't rely strictly on deer season for your information. Deer season sightings are great but aren't enough. Use your feet and walk the woods as much as possible during the weeks prior to season. ...

Ralph Cianciarulo – Hunting Tips for Merriam Turkeys

Ralph Cianciarulo - Hunting Tips for Merriam's Turkey So it's coming to springtime. And one of the best things, one of our most favorite things to do, and I used to pick on it a lot, you know, and that was Turkey and I used to say I hated turkey ...

Talk'n Turkey by Rob Keck Tune-up tips

Box calls, like automobiles, need regular tune-ups. Even new boxes might need some service. Glazing of striking surfaces, a change in tension of the lid, or possibly dirt or moisture on the striker can cause sour notes. A turn of the screw, a light sanding, or a few rubs of ...

Ezekiel’s First Long Beard

It's a pleasure to see our kids enjoy the outdoor lifestyle and reap the benefits of their harvest. Our son, Ezekiel, was able to harvest his first turkey in Mississippi this spring during the youth turkey season. Ezekiel already harvested a whitetail deer previously, and this year harvesting a turkey ...

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Every election, millions of American hunters who embrace the values of God, Family, Country, the Outdoor Lifestyle, and our nation’s Constitution do not vote.

Hunters can no longer sit on the sidelines.

Now is the time for Hunters to become effectively engaged in the fight for the future of our country, the sport we love, and the values we hold dear.

Across the country in 2023 and beyond, American hunters must take action.

As an American hunter, you must VOTE.

by Ted Nugent & Keith Mark

In the beginning, God gave the world

everything it needed to survive and be happy, including the birds in the air and the animals on the earth.  But in order to show all of mankind how to utilize and protect those creatures, God made a Hunter.

To keep His people fed and clothed, God made a Hunter.

When certain skills were needed to protect us from enemies and wild beasts, God made a Hunter.


Featuring Ted Nugent & Keith Mark

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Democrat members of Congress have threatened to “revolt” if they aren’t successful in circumventing the 2nd Amendment by banning certain guns. Uncle Ted explains their motives and their methods and explains why we must vote them out.

I love the way our hunting traditions get passed down from generation to generation.  That’s how it happened in my life.  Both of my Grandfathers hunted.  My Dad and all of my Uncles hunted.  I started hunting at a very early age, myself.  Some of my greatest memories are of hunts that I shared as a very young boy with my Dad and those guys.  I have proudly passed the hunting lifestyle on to my children.  This story is about a recent turkey hunt in Florida that I shared with two of my kids, Zach and Anna.  It was a fun and successful hunt, but a chance meeting after we tagged-out left me with a sad feeling.

When I was filming my television show, MacMillan River Adventures for Outdoor Channel, I was blessed to hunt all over the world.  I have had the opportunity to kill all four of the American turkey sub-species, but my kids have not.  Zach and Anna decided that they wanted to hunt all the sub-species this Spring, starting with the Osceola down in Florida.  I just couldn’t possibly let them have all the fun, so I decided to go.


Kansas City – Led by Rep. Tom Tiffany, a coalition of members of U.S. Congress sent a letter to the Department of the Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, encouraging her to appeal the radical decision by an activist California judge that restored Endangered Species Act protections for the gray wolf in most states, despite the wolf being fully recovered.

“Activist judges in California do not know better than America’s farmers, ranchers and families,” said Hunter Nation President and CEO Luke Hilgemann. “Responsible predator management is successful when local conservation and hunting leaders come together to develop a plan that works for that community. Thank you to those in Washington who still have some commonsense.”


In September 2021, Hunter Nation filed a brief defending hunters in this case. You can read the press release from that brief here.

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